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Meraki MVMT

Let us help you turn your lifestyle into a business that creates fans & family rather than clients and customers. 
  •  TRIFECTA of Influence: When you can align who you are and what transformation you've gone through with the transformations you've helped clients with, combined with what the market desires, you can live your best life and walk your talk and have clients love and pay you for it.
  •  Hit Them In The FEELS: Stop wasting time, energy and money on producing content and marketing that nobody gives a shit about. When you get these pieces together you'll know what to put out so you can start attracting more of your tribe. Increased connection, increased close rate, increased good times.
  •  TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY: Stop the rollercoaster of Choose Your Own Adventure coaching and consulting. Your will work less and increase your revenue when you streamline your outcomes and go deep into owning this transformation and big result for your clients. You can stack these wins to generate more clients and grow your tribe organically. 
  •  CONNECTION (Tribe Shit): It's encoded in our DNA to thrive in environments where we feel supported, cared for, where we feel like we belong. Your future clients are desperately looking for this. Let's help you create this environment so you can create a lifestyle business that's equally fulfilling and profitable. 
  •   3 New Clients in 30 Days: That's what happens when we get all these pieces together. You know who you help, how you help them, what they'll get (what they won't), and how long it will take, and what they will experience as a tribe member. This clarity and certainty, combined with your North Stars, are enough to get you 3 new high ticket clients in 30 days so this program has a 3x ROI.
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